Hair Split Ends Home Treatment

Got split ends?

We’ve got all the answers to your split-never-ending needs. So, no more splits!

But first, let’s explain why this unattractive hair condition occurs in the first place…

Why do we get hair split ends?

They happen because your hair has been abused. It gets “angry” and initiates a self destruction process – separating itself in half and rupturing its cells. No doubt that this will greatly make you irritated if you want to grow your hair. The hair is thus “taking revenge” on you because you’ve been treating it badly.


What causes split ends?

The causes may include improper detangling, pulling with a hair band, brushing wet hair, friction, or excessive blow drying. Environmental factors, such as the hot summer sun, also contribute to the damage or breaking of the hair.


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On the other hand, some hairs are well behaved. They endure rain and shine with their owner without uttering a single complaint, while sitting perfectly pretty on their assigned head areas, reflecting the afternoon sun, and making the hair grower look excessively attractive.

Other hairs are ruthless and unforgiving creatures. They will not tolerate a cheap supermarket shampoo, plastic hair brushes, nor hair dryers. They insist on being primmed and prepped with surgical precision using state-of-the-art instruments, and destroying themselves if their wishes are not obeyed.

Those who are unfortunate to own such naughty, rebellious hairs have to endure the distress of a monarch with an army of clinically insane troops. Sadly, the only choice (other than beheading the hairs for treason) which remains is to pamper and cherish these angry strands, keep them happy and nurture them until they are content enough to spare their owner of the painful punishment of splits.


Best at home hair treatments for split ends

For those sufferers of this hair condition who don’t want to spend their savings on weekly salon treatments, we have some tips on how to prevent, reduce and fix hair split ends yourself at home:

When a hair splits, it’s dead. Cut it off, or the split will extend onto the rest of the hair until the whole thing breaks off and you’re left with bald patches. This will leave you terrifying to look at and you will feel embarrassed in public.

Throw your old hair conditioner away. Replace it with a hair mask (or hair masque, to make it sound cooler). This is just an extra strength conditioner. Put the mask on the ends of your hair after dabbing them dry with a towel (wet hair dilutes the strength of the mask). Then rinse thoroughly at the end of your showering.

Never brush your hair when it’s still wet. That kills the hairs, even the ones that didn’t want to commit suicide to begin with.

Rub serum to the ends of your hair before and after you blow dry. Invest in a good serum which seals the splits.

Don’t blow dry if you can help it. Flinging your head backwards and forwards violently after washing (like that Saint Bernard from Beethoven) gets rid of a lot of water and grooms the hair, giving it volume. If you don’t mind the water spreading all over, it’s a pretty good trick to dry hair.

Heat really softens and conditions the hair (warm heat, not fry pan heat). After you wash and dry your hair, sleeping on it has the effect of softening and activating the conditioner (sort of like sitting under the steam alien helmet at the hair salon). Sleeping on a satin pillowcase also is beneficial.

Make this your favorite pastime: find a dry hair end and cut it off with small scissors. It will prevent any splits later.

Prepare a split ends hair mask. Crack an egg yolk, mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil and put the mixture on your scalp. Massage it into the hairs for a while. You may keep it on your hairs for about 2 hours, then rinse it off.

Eat a well balanced diet. Having split ends on your hair indicates that your body is lacking some nutrients or vitamins. Nourish your body from inside out – eat plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, healthy proteins and drink lots of water.